Steven Greenwall | Visual Artist

Born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, Steven R. Greenwall has expanded artistically far beyond his mountain roots and now calls the Kansas plains his home. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Art Education from Brigham Young University and his culminating degree, a Master of Fine Arts in drawing and painting from Utah State University. He retired from Allen County Community College in Iola, Kansas where he taught art for 24 years. He continues to draw and paint, teach art classes, hold workshops, judge shows and display his artwork internationally. He currently resides in Iola, Kansas. Although formally educated in the mountain west, it is in Kansas that Greenwall’s work has flourished. His work has been featured in group and one-man exhibits across the United States and in Japan. It can be found in public and private collections world-wide. He has been the recipient of numerous honors and awards and is now seeing the success of many of his students. Landscapes in pastel and watercolor dominate his art, but portraits and still life pieces in watercolor and various drawing mediums are included in his work. Greenwall finds the subtle beauty of the prairie an inspiration for his artistic expression in landscape. His work is a celebration of what he sees and feels. Though his work is recognized as representational, he often incorporates abstraction to enhance design and expression. Light, shadow and diffused detail serve within the confines of highly organized space to create a sensitive expression. This treatment of subject matter suggests a feeling of solitude, tranquility and intimacy. The light in his work often serves to represent a divine presence. He hopes that you will derive pleasure from his work and that you will come away with a heightened appreciation for the simple sensitive beauty found in his representation of nature, still life and the human form.